Here are some of the yummy recipes we have been making with the  ingredients from our garden.


Our Green Smothie recipie got published on the Tui Website!  Click on this link here to have a look

Kahukura’s Green Smoothie

The Garden is blooming and you are welcome to join us in enjoying our latest creation – The Green Smoothie.  It is really yummy and healthy and easy to make.  We have an abundance of spinach and silverbeet in the garden at the moment.  Come and pick some for your class and try this yummy recipe.


A mixture of spinach and silver beet leaves (you can choose how much depending on taste.  We now add HEAPS because we know how nice it is!)

2 cans of pears

2 cans of peaches

½ litre of pineapple juice

This will make two big blender jugs full of the yummy mixture.  We use one of each of the cans at a time and ½ of the pineapple juice to make two batches for our class.

How to make the smoothie

  1.  Pick a pile of spinach and silverbeet leaves
  2. Wash and shred up the leaves and put in the blender
  3. Pour in one can of pears and 1 can of peaches (we have fun chopping them up first)
  4. Add the pineapple juice
  5. BLEND!!!
  6. Enjoy the yummy healthy treat

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