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Creative lunch boxes




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Congratulations to Rosemary who had the most creative lunch box at our rubbish free day. ¬†Tino pai Rosemary for you inspiring ideas – I can’t wait to see what you bring this Thursday ūüôā

Thursday Lunch Box Challenge

We have been talking a lot about the rubbish blowing around polluting our school.  You may even have noticed the wasp problem, especially in the lunch area.  So we have a challenge for you!


Every Thursday it will be glad wrap (or bad wrap) free day! (Look at our post from March for some really cool ideas).  Ms Ward and Miss Baker will be on duty on Thursday and will be giving house points to the children that have no bad wrap or plastic rubbish in their lunch box.  We will also be giving out bonus prizes to the children who think of new, creative ideas for bringing their lunch to school.


Good luck! ¬†We can’t wait to see which house group wins ūüôā


People Making a Difference!

In the summer holidays Miss Baker spent some time in Bali.  She was REALLY excited to go surfing there and enjoy the beautiful beaches.  Unfortunately what she saw horrified her!  The beaches were covered in rubbish!  She stood on the shore line and watched rubbish fly through beautifully formed waves.   She felt very sad (and very lucky to live in New Zealand).    We are so lucky that people here know about the effects of rubbish in the ocean, and that most people are prepared to help care for the environment.

When she got home she found this article about rubbish in Bali.

AND EVEN BETTER!!!  She found a petition that was set up by some CHILDREN (just like you!), that are trying to make a difference.

If they can reach 1,000,000 signatures they will ban the sale of plastic bags in Bali.  If you would like to help, please click on the link below.

Bali Garbage РClick on this to read a really good article about the rubbish problem in Bali

Click here to help stop plastic bags being sold in Bali



Where Does Our Rubbish End Up?

WARNING!  This clip is sad and may disturb some viewers!


Take a closer look at where our rubbish ends up. ¬†Remember that YOU can make a difference!! ¬†You can help by picking up rubbish, reminding people not to litter, and trying to use less plastic bags and bottles. ¬†Think about other ways you ¬†can help our world….


Rubbish Free Lunch Boxes

At Ohope Beach Schools we pride ourselves on our positive attitudes towards caring for the environment.  We have been having rubbish free days and we have been collecting and monitoring the rubbish we find around the school.  Every Thursday we are going to have Gladwrap free lunch box day!  Check out these photos of our very clever rubbish free lunch box ideas!

IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0565 IMG_0566 IMG_0567 IMG_0568 IMG_0569 IMG_0572 IMG_0573 IMG_0580 IMG_0581

The lunchbox Challenge

We have been noticing how much rubbish has been lying around our school lately!¬† Next week is ‚ÄėCare for the Environment‚Äô week and on Wednesday we are going to have a glad-wrap free day.¬† This means no plastic in your lunch box!!¬† Can you take the challenge and find new, environmentally friendly ways to bring your lunch to school?¬† You could try making one of our cool recycled milk bottle lunch boxes by clicking on the link below and¬†following the directions.¬† Keep checking the panui for more information!

lunchbox challenge