People Making a Difference!

In the summer holidays Miss Baker spent some time in Bali.  She was REALLY excited to go surfing there and enjoy the beautiful beaches.  Unfortunately what she saw horrified her!  The beaches were covered in rubbish!  She stood on the shore line and watched rubbish fly through beautifully formed waves.   She felt very sad (and very lucky to live in New Zealand).    We are so lucky that people here know about the effects of rubbish in the ocean, and that most people are prepared to help care for the environment.

When she got home she found this article about rubbish in Bali.

AND EVEN BETTER!!!  She found a petition that was set up by some CHILDREN (just like you!), that are trying to make a difference.

If they can reach 1,000,000 signatures they will ban the sale of plastic bags in Bali.  If you would like to help, please click on the link below.

Bali Garbage – Click on this to read a really good article about the rubbish problem in Bali

Click here to help stop plastic bags being sold in Bali



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