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Our Garden

Recreating our garden space has been a fun and motivating experience.  It has been amazing to see the dedication and committment from the children, teachers and parents who have given up their time to come and help us.  So many different children have been involved at some stage of the garden process.  It’s hard to believe that this was once a forgotten, unused area of our school.  Our garden still has so much growing to do and we can not wait to see it in its full glory when everything has fully grown 🙂  Here are a few photos of how our garden looks today.

Even though the Tui competition closes tomorrow, we still plan to continue gardening.  Some of our plans include; displaying our beautiful Maori God Sculptures and tidying up the entrance to the garden, developing our peaceful seated area, continuing to remove the weeds that have taken over the garden in past years, planting, growing, watering, and having lots of fun!!

A Room With A View

In Kahukura we love looking out of our window at the garden.  We decided to make the view part of our classroom and have been busy decorating our window with garden inspired art.  Here are some photos of our cool sparkly dragonflies, and vegetable and fruit collages we made when we decided what we wanted to plant in the garden.  We love spending time in the garden and have been enjoying using the new tyre seats during reading time.

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Our Yummy Plants

Here are some photos of some of the yummy things we are growing in the garden.  All of our plants are at different stages, we are already enjoying the peas, spinach and silverbeet.  Our strawberries are starting to grow and we have lots of nice big green ones ready to ripen.  We have lots of herbs, courgettes, cucumbers, sunflowers, nasturtiums, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, passionfruit, tomatoes, sweetcorn, celery, radishes, capsicums, lettuces, marigolds, beetroot and many more plants growing in our garden.  We can’t wait until we can eat them all 🙂


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Harry Hobnail is back!!!!

Over the holidays we got the exciting news that Harry Hobnail has been returned to the school!  He looks like he has had a bit of an adventure while he has been away, and now has a pirate patch!  He needed a bit of surgery to replace his broken bones (stakes), and is now back in his place in the garden, scaring away the birds 🙂  Thank you very much to the Whakatane Beacon for running our article and helping us to get Harry back.

Holiday Gardening

We had a special gardening day over the holidays!  Catrina Manning (Alex and Anna’s Mum), came along with her garden expertise and helped our bunch of very keen gardeners prune, weed, plant, and build a frame for our courgettes and cucumbers to grow up (we are still weaving the net out of flax).  It was great to get this uninterrupted time in the garden and we got heaps of work done.  Thank you Catrina and children for giving up your sunny day to help us get our spring planting finished.  🙂

Our Bug Hotel

We now have a bug hotel – a special place where bugs can live.  Jules Lemman (Zacks Mum,)  came to school with 2 of her WOOFERS (Joshua and Julia).  They showed us how to make the bug hotel and we learnt lots of cool skills like sawing bamboo, building, decorating, learning about bugs and how to find them.  Check out our photos of our amazing creation!  We had so much fun and have many keen bug hunters coming to check out the bugs everyday.  Thank you Jules, Joshua, and Julia – we really enjoyed spending this afternoon with you in the garden!

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Where is Harry Hobnail??

Harry Hobnail has been stolen!  When we looked out of our classroom window we noticed he was gone.  The Beacon came and took a photo of all of the children who helped to make Harry.  they ran this article in the paper – hopefully we get him back soon 😦