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Our Possum Problem

We have a possum problem in our garden!!  The possum has been eating all of our broccoli and cauliflower.  Whaea Julie (a keen possum trapper) stepped in to help during MI week and took an enthusiastic group of children possum tracking.  They managed to track the possum to a tree in the garden (they followed the possum poop!)  Environment BoP gave us a possum trap and we now have a trap ready to catch the pesky possum before he eats all of our beautiful yummy plants!


Mr Harry Hobnail

During MI week we made a scarecrow.  It was really fun and we did all of the work on him ourselves, even stitching his pants.  Lots of different people got to help build Harry and he is now standing between the two gardens outside of Kahukura.  He is doing a great job of scaring away the birds (and Miss Baker when she looks out of her window!)  Thanks to Miss Farrell and Whaea Debbie for all of their help   🙂



Strawberry Mountain

Introducing our newest addition to the garden…. Strawberry Mountain!  All of us LOVE strawberries and we are so excited about our new strawberry patch.  We spent two days building up and shaping our mountain, covering it with black plastic, cutting in holes, and carefully planting our strawberry plants.  It looks absolutely fantastic and we can’t wait until all of our strawberries are ready it eat!  Thank you Catrina Manning and Whaea Debbie for our plants 🙂


This term we have been learning about Maori legends.  Kahukura (Year 1) read the book‘Kahukura and the Sea Fairies’ . They  decided they would like to try to weave a net out of flax.  We raided Mrs Jackson’s flax garden and started learning about weaving protocol and how to weave.  It was so much fun we decided to make it a part of our lunch time garden activities.  We have had some lovely sunny lunch times sitting in the garden weaving.  We have made harakeke ropes to string up the beans, and have started making a net for the cucumbers to grow up.  Mrs Irving has also joined us and has been teaching us how to make special flowers and fish.  This has been so fun and we have such a keen group of weavers!  I have loved seeing how everyone happily helps each other and shares their knowledge.  I can’t wait to see what else we can create.

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The Worm Farms

We have been lucky to have Ann Leslie (Thomas, Isaac and Adams mum) come in and help us with the garden.  She has been working hard with the Garden Club to clean out the worm farms by the garden and  make sure they are all working properly.  We now have all three worm farms full of hungry worms ready to use!