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Sticky TV

Learn more about the Tui Garden Challenge and get some great tips for the garden on this clip from Sticky  TV.


Recycled planting

Here are some photos of some of the creative planting methods we have been using.  All of our seedlings are growing in things we have found around the school (some even in the rubbish bin!)  We researched online to find ideas for our seedling trays.  We discovered that planting the seeds in separate cardboard compartments (made out of cut up toilet rolls and egg cartons) will allow us to transport them into the garden easily when they are ready to be planted.  We also discovered that by wrapping them in plastic and bubble wrap, we are able to create a greenhouse effect.  We hope to continue to use and re-use recycled products in our garden.  Great work girls 🙂


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Planting Seeds

Kahukura (Year 1) have been planting seeds, getting new plants ready to grow in our second garden.  Here are some photos of them using some of the cool products we won!  We were really excited when our baby lettuces started to grow 🙂


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Weeds Weeds Weeds…!!!

Over the last 3 weeks the Garden Club has been busy clearing weeds!  Here are some photos of us hard at work, pulling weeds and loading them into the trailer for Mr Rishworth to take to the dump!!  Our garden space is starting to look amazing 🙂

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Busy Bee’s in the Garden

Today we had a huge day in the garden, clearing weeds and carrying our new rocks and soil around to the garden.  We put some of our new Tui Vegetable Mix around our seedlings so that they can grow up big, strong and healthy.  It was awesome to see all of the different people who got involved.  Here are some photos of us hard at work…

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The state of the garden….

Here are some photos of how our garden looked before we started working on it.  We have a massive job of clearing away weeds (especially Wondering Dew), which has grown all over the garden area.  Just as well we have so many great enthusiastic gardeners to help! 🙂

Thank you Mitre 10

On Saturday Ezra and Claye ventured into town to collect our starter garden pack from Mitre 10.  We were one of the first 200 schools registered in the Tui School Garden Challenge and won a really cool pack to help us get started!  Here are some photos of the boys collecting the prize.  We can’t wait to begin using our new stuff at school 🙂