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Our Garden Boxes

During Term 1 we had a competition to see who could create the best garden box.  All of our boxes look amazing and the judges had a really hard time deciding on the winners!  Below are some photos of our amazing creations, including a summary of the motivation for our ideas (click on the photos to enlarge them).  Congratulations to Whare Whakaaio, Te Atatau and Kahukura for winning the very close competition.

1st equal- Whare Whakaaio

We live in the 21st century with 21st century learners.  We want to show sustainability and heathy eating and living in the MAURI ORA!!!

1st equal – Kahukura and Te Atatu

 We wanted to create a garden that was bright and colourful like a rainbow and reflected the special meanings of our classes.  Kahukura designed the Rainbow side, and Te Atatu designed the dawn to represent their room.  We then decided to link them together with the ocean as this is such a special feature for our school.  We made the tiles out of cement and painted them to match our beautiful garden.  They represent life and new growth.  The totem poles and rainbow flags represent the freedom and fun we had making our garden and how much we enjoy being at Ohope Beach School!


We have been working since last year to tidy and improve the area behind our classroom.  We think this area is under-utilised and we have enjoyed the process of brightening up the area.  We all made a design for the sides of our garden box and then worked in groups to incorporate as many of the ideas into simple, bright designs.  As part of this we decided we would like to paint the retaining wall as well.  This meant more children were involved in the design incorporation.  We have planted a central plant to signify the star that is Meremere and planted annuals in a star shape.  There are also bulbs planted in our garden.  We will continue with our work at the back of our room next term.

Whare Atawhai and Matariki

The motivation behind this garden box was incorporating the colours of the house groups into our garden, because they are important to the philosophy of the school.  Our motivation was also to have a low maintenance garden.  The design on the walls and the use of the frangipani design was totally the work of the children.  We liked the fact that all of the children could participate and have ownership (ie; weed, paint a rock).

Te Marama

Whare Maiatanga